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D. histrionicus and breeding related Dendrobates

Egg feeders are certainly some of the most interesting species of dart frog. All egg feeding darts belong to the family called and named Dendrobates. Some of the more well known species of egg feeders include the D. histrionicus, D. lehmanni, D. sylvaticus, D. pumilio, D. granuliferus, D. occulator, D. arboreus and the D. speciosus. There are two main groups, in regards to breeding, which all dart frogs fall into (in the Dendrobates family).

While it is not fully understood all of the required food items which must accompany the offering of the infertile eggs... It is known that without the offering of these eggs will delay metamorphosis by a considerable time. From the average time period of 3 months (90 days) to well over this period of time for healthy development. Lasting as long as 6 months to a year, to possibly produce deformed offspring.

Over the years, many have tried other dart's eggs and many food substitutions as an alternative for the feeding of the unfertilized eggs. The questions which arise, in regards to what and why - compared to how and when, is a new subject for most dart frog keepers.

When left to their own devise, the egg feeder group will parent their offspring with great success. One of the main keys to success is plenty of room for the given species and a quiet to solitude location. If you are interested in any of the egg feeding group or would like to discuss the subject in more detail, please contact us.

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