Assembling Basic Holding for the Dart Frog

A clean vessel to hold the dart frog.

The placing of the river stone in the terrarium. (False bottoms can be supplied at this time, if this method is to be used.) Make area for maintenance and a water supply for the dart frogs.

Set plants in place, in the river stone. Level or make contours in the flooring of the terrarium.

Place 1" to 2" of compressed dead sphagnum moss over the river stone. Damping will help to make compression and work with the sphagnum moss very easy.

Overhead view of project, before the additional covering of living moss is assembled. Spray to clean the glass and sphagnum moss, define the sump area of the terrarium as pictured.

Start in a corner and begin to mosaic the moss, covering the sphagnum completely.

The terrarium after the addition of the moss covering. Rinsed glass & moss. Clean any moss from the sump area.

Front view of the terrarium and a cross view of the layering of river stone, dead sphagnum moss, followed by a mosaic of moss to make the final layering or cover for the terrarium.

The terrarium supplied with a simple screen top. The top as been revamped and the original screen removed and replaced with a non-corrosive material - nylon screening silicon in place. Caution should be applied if you plan to feed crickets to you dart frogs, as they can chew through nylon screening!

Completed, with a plastic sheet (frosted lighting panels) to control humidity. Controlling humid can be achieved by moving the panel left & right or front to back to obtain the desired levels of humidity.

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